Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Let's start

Let' start to work the first 12 steps, is that too much?

material needed: thread size 20 in 2 colors (if you use a smaller thread size, LPs have to be smaller)
2 shuttles
a picot gauge (can be cut out of a plastic card)
LP = long picot 1/4 inch measured vertically, or I would say: folded
Lp = long picot 3/8 inch measured horizontally, or not folded (finished it is a bit smaller than the 1/4 inch picot)
DC = dark color
LC = light color
1) Start with ring clover: DC 6-3-3, 3+3-3-3, 3+3-6
2) LC chain 10
3) DC SCMR 5, ring over SCMR 4 LP 7 Lp 7 LP 4, second half of SCMR 5
4) LC chain 10
5) DC ring 4 + 7 + 7 LP 4 (joining to previous big ring on LP and Lp)
6) LC chain 10
7) DC ring 4 + 7 + 7 LP 4 (joining to previous big ring on LP and Lp)
8) LC ring 5-5 (on the opposite side)
9) LC chain 10
10) DC SCMR 5, ring over SCMR 4 + 7 + 7 LP 4, second half of SCMR 5
11) LC chain 10
12) LC ring clover 6-3-3, 3+6-4-6-3, 3+3-6


TattingChic said...
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Needledreams said...

This is going to be fun! Another TIA!!! Now I need to find 2 "empty" shuttles. :-)

Eva said...

This will be fun! I will start my tatting today.
Greetings from the very south of Sweden and Eva

Chiara said...

Wow I have not tried a TIA until now! I'm so curious! thanks for sharing.....MMMMmmmmm really I have the same problem fo Needledreams: in my tatting box could I have 2 empty shuttles? Chiara =)

Chiara said...

I have not tried a Tia yet, but I'm so curious! thanks for sharing.

well really I think to have the same problem of Needledreams.... Chiara =)

Tattycat said...

Thank you so much Iris for doing this. We always have such fun with them. I will be like Needledreams and see if I can find 2 "empty" shuttles!

singtatter said...

I have finished Day 1 last night. Hope I'm on the right track. Will post it on my blog tonight!

***Jon**** said...

I don't know when I'll be able to actually start with this TIAS, but I have printed out the instructions. I'll be keeping track of developments. Thank you for starting this.

Marty said...

Oh, good! I got the shuttles wound last night, but I need to find something to make picot gauges. There's got to be a useless piece of plastic somewhere in the house. I'm so looking forward to seeing one of your wonderful patterns develop!

TattingChic said...

I am finally getting caught up! It is looking pretty so far! Thank you, Iris! :)

Krystle said...

Hi Iris! I'm so excited to start on your TIAS! One question though, When you start the second color, which way is the chain to face? Or I could say it this way- when you finish day two is the first clover supposed to be centered at the end of the chains....for example do you reverse work to the first chain? I've seen it done both ways i think...... IT looks to me that you could also be having the first clover off center of the work so that you could come around and join to it at the end.....

:-) Maybe I'm thinking too much, I just want to make sure I have started it correctly.

Iris Niebach said...

Hi all of you, I'm so excited that you want to do my TIAS, I hope to be able to explain everything in comprehensible way. If you are not sure, you can have a look at the progress of the others.
hi Krystle,
these is a difficult questions for me to answer. The only thing you have to follow, is to have the right color and everything goes from alone.
I with you all to enjoy it

Krystle said...

Ok, thanks Iris! I'll do my best, I just know from trying some of your other patterns that my brain doesn't quite work as creatively as yours...... I look forward to finishing it!