Thursday, 21 August 2014

colourplay explanation

The first attempt of the daisy hexagon was made in two colours. Then I thought it would be nice in 3 colours. So I thougt about the use of double shuttles. I have some, but I did not get them with me on my holydays. So I thought to take the two shuttles in my hand, as if it has been a double shuttle. As soon as I tried this, I discovered, that they are not necessary, because you can take all the threads you want inside a chain with non flipped double stitches, for the rings instead there is no need to take threads inside, because they turn to closure point. I hope this explanation will help you to comprehend how I did it.


My dear tatting friends, is there any other knotting, knitting or crocheting technique, with which you can obtain such a wonderful colour play?

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Once I was younger

When I was young, about 27 Today at 61

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

For the orange dress

Dear Jane Eborall, do you think this would match with your orange dress? (I'm sure she has one, perhaps not unicolour, thinking about her love for colours)
The orange is a bit pale, because the darker orange did not fit with the blue. Matching two colours of thread and adding even two colours of beads is very difficult. You look at the colours, you put the thread balls one over the other, and they seem to fit nice, you choose the beads, and they seem to fit nicely, you work them all together and then you through the piece away with disgust!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I like the flowers, I like the daffodils

I like the flowers, I like the daffodils, I like the mountains, I like the rolling hills, I like the fireplace, when the light is low, daram da, daram da, dam da, daram da da da! This is not a daffodil, but I like this song

Sunday, 13 October 2013

the summer square 1

This is the third attempt of the lilac summer square of previous post. As you see, I cut without pain, in this I have a big amount of patience, until the piece lays flat and every join is perfect. When I design a square, I have to join at least 4 squares to see, if they do perfectly fit. I liked this colour combination of green and variegated Lizbeth 20. Then I had to quit, because it did not fit in the middle. This time I found the right stitch count and so the lilac came out perfect.

summer creation

My dear tatting friends, Summer and summer holidays are always my best moments for inspiration. My husband Belisario does everything for me to leave me the whole time for creative works. He cooks, he cleans, he does the shopping and he also organizes some expositions for me. In summer I have a book, where I design, and then I try to tat my designs. 50% of them do not work, but some come out pleasing. This one is one of them. But...the clunys, which I like, have a problem, they twist, so the pieces with clunys have to be fixed well, a thing I'm too lazy to do. Hmm, perhaps you can suggest a solution!