Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Some doilies

I'm aware of the fact that doilies are not much in nowadays, but I love the doily designs so much. Perhaps instead of putting the doilies under an object we could frame them and hang them on the wall. Here is a doily a designed and worked some years ago and had forgotten. I found it in my house in South Italy and I redid it, because I lost the pattern. The original white one is in thread size 50, the new colored one is in Lizbeth 20. When i worked it, I realized that the long chains did not come out well, so I made a new stitch count for a better hold. Unfortunately I'm not a master in stiffening the doilies, perhaps a class in that would help me. The white heart center had been published years ago in a danish magazin. I would like to show it to you. The last one is AMANDA from my book "Tatted doilies" in a colored version:

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

new book

My dear tatting friends, Today I want to tell you about the process of making a tatting book. 1) I have an idea: this time I wanted to create edgings and motifs with more than two colours and flower designs. 2) I put down the designs: the first ones are not so good, but are going progressively better. I try working with 2 shuttles in one hand, with 1 shuttle with two bobbins, but than I find other more comfortable solutions. I get totally trapped in creating, more and more ideas come to my mind and there seam to be no end. This process has some interruptions, for example for other projects like knitting, and lasts about a year. There are motifs, where the stitch count is so complicated, because they have to be perfect in patchwork combinations, like squares or hexagons, and I have to work always 3 or 4 to see, if all is perfectly flat. For some pieces I modified the stitch count up to 6 times, working 24 pieces. 3) A lot of patterns are created, but now they have to find a destination, they have to embellish objects. I have to buy or create objects (towels, clothes, boxes, earrings, braceletts, broaches, and so on). An additional difficulty is to match the colour choice, which gets the more difficult, the more colours are engaged. And I have to redo the patterns, working the requested length or quantity. 4) Now I have to open my notebook and start to put down the designs. First I make the diagrams: but...I dont remember, how the program goes!!! I have to remember and to exercise a lot of functions, therefore I let pass a lot of time before I get really encouraged to start. Once I start, the diagrams go, including the moments in which the computer does not start, the program crasces, the computer closes without saving the corrections. 5) After the diagrams I make the written text in 3 languages, german, english and italian. Before I get to write the texts, I will have a period of depression, doing everything else, than writing. Every evening I say to myself; tomorrow I have to work at my book! Than I stay up, start looking television (when I'm not engaged with my grandchildren), then I play the piano for hours, then I read news at the pc, do some translations, but the notebook remains closed. But at the end I start, and the the work flows. 6) Finally the diagrams and texts are ready, but...the testing of the patterns gives evidence, that the explications are not so comprehensible!!! Depression and stop of works for weeks. Then I take all my energy (perhaps the weather in the meantime got better and the sun cancells depression)and work on the description to better them. And I work on all particular instruction, making them as clear as possible, designing very difficult diagrams. 7) I print all out and be very satisfied. Then I start to read and find a lot of errors, mistakes, missing numbers or signs. All has to be controlled and controlled again up to 10 times. 8) Now my tatting tester is testing the patterns, but I myself go all the patterns through and retest all the diagrams and instrucions. 9) I'm at this point at the moment. 10) Now the next thing to do is to send the pages to my talented designer daughter Gloria Pizzilli, who will do the lay out. After that the book will be perfect and ready to print. Oh, I forgot: if there are those persons who scan the book and publish it on the world wide internet, al this work is - as we say it in german - for the cat! No, I have to modify this: it is worth for you very special people!!! Thank you!!!

Monday, 26 January 2015


Yes, I gave the last one to my sister in law. So I worked some new ones. Here they are, though the photo does not show them very well, but it is better than the last one.

Monday, 19 January 2015


I could not finish my book without making "the flower" par excellence. The foto is made with the cellphone and is not very good, but perhaps you can recognise it!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

I found a cross

Dear tattingfriends, Changing something in your home is a good occasion for tidying up. Tidying up is a marvellous occasion for finding things you have forgotten, or you have forgotten where you put them. So I have found in this way this little cross, and as I liked it I want to show it to you. And it enters also in my actual theme of daisy flowers (I call them daisy flowers and not daisy picots).

Friday, 17 October 2014

multicolor thread 1

Dear tattingfriends, I like so much to work with the multicolor thread, but I have discovered, that is does not work good with little motifs or doilies, because it hides the design. Therefore I have studied some designs, where the multicolor thread works wonderful. Here are some of them: for the left one I used for the outer round of the flowers the three colors of the multicolor thread of the inner round.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

coloured square in combination

Here is the coloured square in combination.