Friday, 29 August 2008

Images from Pamela

I have returned from my summer holydays and will soon show you, what I'm trying to create. In summer, as you know, I had the exhibition in Matera, and after this in another small town of South Italy. This needed a lot of work. I have also learned a lot of better ways to expose the pieces to show them in their whole attractiveness.
Pamela Myers, better known as tatsakoolchallenge, send me theese pictures of some wonderful realisations of a snowflake, from which you can find a free pattern on my website.
And, she send me also the diagram with progression numbers for those of you who find it difficult to follow only a slice of diagram.

As she made the Eleanora doily almost twice, she send me also the diagram with progression numbers for this.


Tatskool said...

Thank you for showing my diagrams, and for your compliments.

It's good to see this lovely snowflake pattern back on your website. Hope that everyone will enjoy it.

connieangeline said...

This is stunning in the red and white. Thank you for sharing the pattern

Linda S Davies said...

I love visiting your blog, Iris, you do such wonderful tatting. I think Pamelas' contributions are stunning!

TattingChic said...

Very nice! The red and white is very striking! Thank you for sharing that. I would love to try this sometime.