Sunday, 14 October 2007

The Stone Earrings

In South Carolina I received a lot of gifts, all very useful for my purpose of the jewellery book. From the Palmetto people I received a bead tray, which I enjoy a lot, and a picot gauge. From Joanie I received another tipe of picot gauges, a lot of findings, a pair of glasses to put over the others, which acts like a magnifier, thread for beads and a special scissors to cut it, small containers for small tools, bead threaders, and more. Jane Henson gave me a lot of small clips to hold the thread ends of the balls and a ball of variegated thread. And I saw some techniques which speed up my way to charge the beads on the thread.


Marie said...

Hi Iris.
Your earring is beautiful. Cannot wait to see and get your jewelry book! I have drawn several pieces the way you taught at Tat Days but have not worked them up yet. I will send you photos when I do. Your design class is so great because it makes one think and understand how to create a pattern. I will never forget you.

Marie Smith

BJ said...

Hello Iris: I am very interested in how you work with the stone in your tatting. I live in an area of many different types of stone; agate, turquoise; there is a large group that look for all kinds of stones. I hope to buy your jewelry book, especially if it tells how to work the stones within the rings of beads. Very beautiful work.
BJ in NM

Iris Niebach said...

Dear BJ,
if the stones have a whole inside to put the thread through, than it is easy. If there is no whole, then there are also ways to include it into a jewellery, but it is a bit more complicated. I would really like to insert those stones you speak about. Let me see some on your blog.