Sunday, 21 October 2007

The Square necklace

Hello tattingfriends,
In the moment I'm busy working at my yewellery designs. Here is another one of them ready for the book. I have to hurry up, because in November I will have to babysit some of my grandchildren, Brenno of 8 months and Nadjia of 2 and a half year. So I will have a lot to do and time for my book will be only the night. How would I like to be able to live without sleeping, I could do the double of things.


Barbara Gordon said...

Dear, Dear Iris,
I have just started using beads with my tatting and now you come up with a necklace like this. I just can't imagine how you could hold all those beads to do the tatting. Lots of Luck! It is very nice looking however.

Iris Niebach said...

Dear Barbara Gordon,
most of the beads in this necklace are not loaded on the thread, but they are put on long picots, so the shuttle is not so full of beads. It seems difficult, but it is not!