Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Dear tatting friends, I learned from Muskaan, that the tatting with non flipped stitches on more than one thread is called "encapsulation". This technique gives the chains more stiffnes, specially if they are long. The doilies I have posted the last days in three colors are made this way. You can see, they are not blocked, but though very nice and stiff.


Madtatter80 said...

Yes I find that some things I have done in tatting have names and didn't know it :)

muskaan said...

Like Madtatter80 said, tatters the world over are always innovating & experimenting, without always knowing that there is a name or that someone else has already done it.
So hat's off to you, Iris - you can justifiably be proud to have done this all by yourself :-)) That is why you are a master tatter :-)
And your tatting is so neat - the extra thickness does not show at all !

Encapsulation is also called 'padded tatting' (padded double stitch is different)


Corina Meyfeldt said...

This doily is as elegant as all your pieces, chapeau!
There is a superbe booklet of Shery Pence ( about the encapsulation. The path which opens in designing is tremendous.