Thursday, 26 September 2013

Further instructions for the prefered necklace

Dear tatting friends, I got aware, that I need to give you some more instructions for the "prefered necklace". Use thread in two different colors size 20 (the wonderful Lizbeth thread size 20 is a bit too thin, perhaps if there is 15, that would be better) Use seed beads in 2 colors, size 11 or 10 (your choice) The big beads are 6mm beads The detail you see on the bottom is natural size. Before you start, load the seed beads for the SCMR on the thread of the color that self closing ring will be: load not all the beads, about 30, because you will to have to load a second shuttle, so taking along too much beads is not necessary. Be aware that the first row of the second square is in the wrong direction (look at the detail), this is normal. On the squares make little picots for joining, but if it happens that there is no picot, you pull out a bit of thread to join. I wish you to enjoy it!


Jane McLellan said...

Thanks, I added these instructions to my saved version of your pattern.

erin said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much, Iris!

Erin in Tennessee, USA