Monday, 22 April 2013

New book

My dear friends,
Hurra, my new book is nearly ready and will be printed within the next days.
This pattern is the only not new, but perfectionated.


Marta F. Sitarska said...

Hurra and congratulations!
And this old-new pattern looks just like lavender: the same color :)

God's Kid said...

Oh is that beautiful!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Gorgeous pattern I look forward to seeing your new book

** jess! ** said...

Can't wait! Your work is gorgeous!

Karen said...

Happy to see you blog and waiting to see your book. Just today two Beatrice doilies traded places in my front room. Your designs are a joy to make and to use. Karen in OR

Corina said...

Your designs are always so full of elegance. Love this colours too!

Elena K said...

Great news )
I'm looking forward to it )

Umintsuru said...

Ooooh lovely!!!

H J Hess said...

Hurrah! Please place me on the list to buy as soon as it is available.
Big hugs,

Unknown said...

Perfected is right!! It's exquisite, Iris!! Looking forward to your new book,
Katie V in NC USA katie at r-v-r dot com

Marie Smith said...

Cannot wait for this next book, Iris! - Marie Smith, South Carolina , USA

Donatella said...

Bellissimo!!!! E che perfezione, mi piacciono molto come hai unito i vari colori. Bravissima!

ancolie said...

very nice !
I am very interested in your new book. would you sell it in France ?
May I ask you, if there are any split chains in your patterns (for me, it's so difficult to tat !)
thank you
Best wishes

Iris Niebach said...

Hello Ancolie,
There are no split chains in my patterns.
The book has been sent to the printing company!!!
Thank you all for your compliments

Red said...


Joschaocchi said...

Wunderbar, ich freue mich schon auf das Buch.
Wo gibt es dieses dann?
Das Muster gefällt mir sehr gut.
Ich liebe deine Muster

Joschaocchi said...

Hallo Iris,
ich gratuliere dir zu deinem neuen Buch. Ich freue mich schon darauf.
Ich liebe deine Muster.

LG Johanna

Gunhild said...

Hallo Iris, congrats to your new book!!!Will we meet in Horstmar??
Or can I buy it somewhere else?
Greetings and happy tatting