Saturday, 7 January 2012

Earrings for my pupils

Dear tatting friends

It's really a long time since I have last tatted. Actually I'm teaching german in a private school in 8 different classes, so I have a lot to do.

In a fifth class my female pupils asked me to make them a pair of earrings like mine, so I promised them to work them in christmas hollidays.

Fortunately the girls are only 4, otherwise I would have to deny.

Here they are:

Now I tell you about the difficulties to work them.

First the most difficult and time consuming task is to find the matching colours. I look at all my dozens of bead colours and nothing seems matching to the thread. Three girls wanted violett, pink and white, one wanted orange. First attempts went bad, colours did not match and hours went away.

Second difficulty is to make the copy mirrored. In this pattern it is not so easy, though some of you talented people were able to mirror the more difficult version of these earring.

Third difficulty is to work slowly and precise, because I have to make a gift, so the work has to be the most perfect possible. This means, even and regular stitches, small joining picots, good tensione to make it stiff. Perfect, invisible and never opening hiding of thread ends.

Fourth difficulty is, that the earring tangles around the finding, so I inserted a piece of thin wire inside the ring of the finding and along the first chain. This holds the earring in perfect position.

For these 4 earrings I worked a lot of hours, but now I have finished and I'm satisfied.

I'm sure I will have to make other earrings for the girls of other classes!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The earrings are beautiful, and I'm sure the girls will love them! I can understand feeling the need for perfection, and these earrings do look perfect to me.

Sally Kerson said...

I can relate so much to making things for people, first finding the right thread and beads and then tatting them perfectly, often this takes the pleasure out of making items as you get so tense. But I am sure the girls are delighted with these earrings, they look beautiful.

H J Hess said...

Your girls certainly will be happy with those beautiful earrings. Will the rest of the school also demand more of these special 'Teacher Iris' earrings? It appears that you might be even busier than you are now.
Have a Happy New Year 2012!

God's Kid said...

Those are very nice!! :)

Suztats said...

The girls are going to love them!

Fox said...

Elegantly sweet!
Fox : )

Gunhild said...

Hallo Iris, schön wieder mal von dir zu hören! Wunderbar sind deine Ohrringe geworden! Ja es ist tricky manchmal die richtigen Perlen zu finden ;-))
Ich bin heute in deinem Blog über dein palmetto deckchen gesotlpert, als du von dem dänischen Kurs Fotos gezeigt hast. Es ist sooo wunderschön!! Da ich auch Blumen liebe, finde ich das Thema BlumenGarten wunderbar umgesetzt in dem farbigen Garn! Liebe Grüße und ein gutes neues jahr wünscht dir Gunhild

Joschaocchi said...

Hallo Iris,
die Ohrringe sind dir wunderbar gelungen. Da haben sich die Mädchen bestimmt sehr gefreut.
Ich habe deine Ohrringe auch schon als Geschenk geknüpft und die Beschenkten waren begeistert.

Liebe Grüße und ein gutes neues Jahr

wünscht dir Johanna

La Civetta Chiacchierina said...

These earrings are superb! Color matching fun and original pattern!
Sorry for my inglish!!!!

Unknown said...

Beatiful earrings!!! :D

Carla said...

Un felice e sereno 2013.

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful and gorgeous pattern earrings.

TamaraART said...

I really love this pattern! Thank you so much for sharing it on your blog! I started making a set myself. I finished the first one, but now I have to do the second one in mirror image. Could you maybe share some tips on how to do that? This is my earring: