Sunday, 16 August 2009

Burda flower

My piece for the magazine is not yet ready, other things kept me away from working on it. An exhibition in my husbands village, where the persons had never seen the tatted yewellery and were delighted (but did not buy anything).
Yesterday I went through my magazines and found a Burda magazine from 1989, which has very intriguing patterns. I tried out the most difficult,which is made of a flower in 20 thread and a filling in 80 thread. It took me the whole day of yesterday to find out the right stich number. The description is very poor and the filling in fine thread did not fit. Perhaps the 20 thread used is thicker than mine. Anyway I had to change the stitchcount on the flower and also in the inner ring, because it also ruffled. Now it is perfect, here it is:


Suzanne said...

The pairing of sizes 20 and 80 (however tricky in execution) adds great delicacy to the piece. This is definitely something that warrants further exploration. Very pretty!

Art by JoyMac said...

Hi Iris,
This piece is absolutley gorgeous....I love the use of 2 sizes of cotton.....very pretty
Joy in OZ