Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Dear tatting friends,
The diagram for the design challenge is ready. Print it out and make your design.
1)Be aware that you have four motifs to join in the center, where the lines cross each other. The joining of the 4 motifs will give a further nice motif.
2) Start your design on the foot ot the top rings to be able to make a continuous round with the inner one.
You can already see a beautiful different version on Vinnie's blog
I wish you to enjoy this!


Tanya said...

I like this pattern and I am going to try to work on this along with all of my other tatting projects. Thank you for sharing!


Vinnie said...

Dear Iris,
Thank you so much for seeing and liking what I've done.
It's your design and you don't have to ask me for anything!
Anyways I'm so highly obliged to you for asking.
I love the pattern and am still continuing to make it, maybe I'll make it into a big table runner.
Lots of love ,

Krystle said...

Haven't heard from you since the earthquakes. Is everything going well with you?

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Iris, I haven't heard from you. I hope you are okay after that Earth Quake in Italy. Please write to me so I know you are okay.

Carla said...

Complimenti! Sei bravissima, i tuoi lavori sono veri capolavori.