Sunday, 2 November 2008

sixstar motif

The creation of the sixstar results much more difficult than I thought.
This is the first attempt of the hexagon, but it was not like you see it here, because I cutted it in different points not being satisfied with the result. The motif in light grey came not out well and I didn't like the little dark spots around it. Further it bowled up in the center joining, where you see the red square.

This is the second attempt. I rejected it, because it takes too much time and comes out too big, and I don't like the result of the color combination.

Third attempt was more satisfying, as you see I joint four motifs. But I'm not satisfied hundert percent. So I thought to turn to first attempt, where I cut out the ring in the top joining (red square) and sewed motifs together. Here perhaps I will make a very small ring and I will make 6ds instead of 5ds on the side joinings. I will give this another try.

Further I will try to join the hexagons in the rectangle way, where there remains a whole between, for which I will design another motif to balance the colors better. Beside I must say that it is really a great fun working with wool. When the pullover is ready (that needs a bit of more time), I will show you the result, but I have a lot of ideas for girl's dresses and jackets and many more.

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Tattycat said...

Your persistance is commendable. I am thankful we have people like you who will do whatever it takes to perfect a pattern. I would through up my hands. I think it is going to be very pretty.