Sunday, 26 October 2008

tatting with wool

This pentagon is worked with wool and is thought to become a collar for a pullover. Pentagons are very useful for collars, because they round at their joining points. But, they are not useful for patchwork, like a shawl. Therefore I designed a hexagon, which I will show you soon. The pattern of this design will soon be available as free pattern for all of you, so that you have the time to make a cristmas gift for some friend of yours.
And, please, count the stitches, copy my designs and sell them, I love this, you only have to say that the pattern is from me.


TattingChic said...

Very nice pentagon. I'm one of those who often turns five pointed designs into six points so I can have ANOTHER tatted snowflake, LOL! Looking forward to the pattern! Thank you for sharing.

Tattycat said...

This is lovely Iris. Thank you for sharing it with us. It looks good where you have joined two together as well.

Marie de la Chaume said...

Quite spectacular, Iris. I love your creations! I would never imagine tatting with wool, but since I met you and your friends, I have discovered a new universe in tatting!!!

Thank YOU and you all!

Lots of love from France,

Marie de la Chaume, often has to post as anonymous... because of a lost password!

Marie de la Chaume said...

Hey girls, here I cannot be anonymous!!!

TotusMel said...

This is beautiful! I may have to count the stitches and make them to sell!