Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Dear tatting friends,
I'm departing tomorrow for the international tatting exhibition in Horstmar, which is in Northern Germany near the border of the Netherlands. When I return next week, I will show you some photos of this extraordinary exhibition, where people from France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and from the countries of Eastern Germany partecipate.
I did not have the time to prepair all I wanted because of the babysitting till the last minute before my departure tomorrow in the early afternoon. The trip to Horstmar is very long, about 1400 km and the German high ways are very trafficated, so we need 3 days drive to arrive.
The weather in Italy is already warm and fine, I hope it will be the same in German, so driving will be less stressing for my husband. I will try to drive, but I admit that driving in Germany scares me a bit.

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Marty said...

Arrive safely, Iris. We'll all look forward to the eye candy you will certainly have when you get back!