Thursday, 6 March 2008

Roundrobin doilies

I have neglegted my blog for a long time, very busy working (in the night and on weekends) on my new book. As I have nothing new to show at the moment, I thought to show you some images of roundrobins I partecipated many years ago. We made these togehter with Adelheid and Martina from Germany, Hedy from Svizerland and Eva from Sveden.
My book seems never to come to an end. Description text got far too long to make a nice book, as it is also in German, which is even longer, you imagine pages of description text? Now I tried some solutions, one was to invent new tatting notations, which could be comprehended without translation, but I gave them to Jane to try them out, and ... they didn't function. So now I'm redoing everythin cutting the text down and making detailed diagrams. But, the more I change, the more confusione comes in. The houshold is neglegted and I'm a bit unhappy. Outside a very cold wind blows and it is colder, than it was in the whole winter, though the trees are already blooming.
Happy tatting to all,


Marie said...

Iris, the doilies are so beautiful. I especially like the last one with the six points. It has such a peaceful quality about it.

Arlene said...

VERY nice!! Waiting for your next book!