Saturday, 29 December 2007

The double flower pendant

Fortunately I have a bit of time, so I made this double flower pendant. It was not so easy to find the right way to make it in one pass, putting the bead in the middle of the ring, with the last beaded picot on the outside, but at the end I found the way. I repeatet the whole medallion almost 7 times to get the right shape.
Here it is.


Eva S said...
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Eva S said...

Hi Iris!Please remove my first comment.It was for somone else. And I don,t know why it appeared.
I just popped in to say that I love your pendants. So nice.
Greetings from the very south of Sweden and

BoB the Bike said...

Simply Stunning

Toptattyhead said...

Beautiful, Iris, I know what you mean about having to do several "tries" before getting it right!

Rita said...

Hello, this pendant is very nice! Edit the tutorial? Thank you.